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   Special Features

Sagemoor, part 2

With the hiring of Kent Waliser as GM/Vineyard Manager in 2002, the company heads toward the future.

A rare French cider vertical tasting

French ciders are rarely aged; they're produced and consumed in the same year. This unusual vertical tasting took place in Caen, Normandy. Learn how aging ciders is similar/dissimilar to wine.

Wild Alaska seafood

What's not to love? Great taste, great health benefits, great variety, easy-to-make recipes.


Maintaining and improving your immune system

In the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemonium, we call on our always reliable nutritionist to assist with how to best mainain your immune system through it.

Edible moisturizers

Washing your hands a lot? Combine good quality organic oils and scents and make your own moisturizer that's safe to ingest (because that's what your skin does - ingest what you put on it).

    A Corona bright spot

Beverages to go

Yes, we have much to complain about (and we do). But we can be grateful for rule relaxation on where we can buy alcohol. Cocktail kits, wine, beer, so much more!

    Seattle DINING! Test Kitchen

Like you, we are cooking at home a lot more. We thought we'd share some of the recipes that have turned out well.

Grilled chicken with almond butter dipping sauce

Brined, marinated, and grilled chicken dipped into almond butter sauce. Simple and delicious.

Green bean side dish/salad with feta and mint

The combination of flavors in this dish is just right. Use it as a salad or a side dish.

    Monthly Features

The Seattle DINING! Show

Get in on informative food & beverage discussions--listen to our monthly netcast!

Event Calendar

Find out what's happening when and where. Whether it's wine dinners, cooking classes, food shows or special tastings, we've got it covered.

Seattle Restaurant Directory

Where to go, where to go? Use our directory to search by neighborhood, cuisine, and specialty.

Beyond Seattle Restaurant Guide

Explore our directory of choice restaurants in Bellevue, Tacoma, Olympia, Olympic Peninsula, the San Juans, Whidbey and more.


An inside look at what's happening now. New locations, closures, new hires, sales, chef shuffles and more.

Tips and Tricks

Learn tips and tricks you can use while cooking at home or dining out.

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