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   Special Features

Mint progressive indian

A new fine-dining-yet-approachable Indian restaurant opens in downtown Seattle. Find out why it's called progressive. (Artichoke Broccoli Kofta)

Taki's Mad Greek

When a restaurant is still open after 20 years, there's a reason. We looked into it!

Gourmondo has a new CEO

Angela Dunleavy, CEO at FareStart, will officially become CEO at Gourmondo effective February 1, 2023. Find out why both organizations win.


Almond Croissant Smackdown

A scientific look at randomly-chosen bakeries to see who we think makes the best almond croissants. Do you agree? Did we agree?


    Chef's Kitchen + Beverage Bar

Chef's Kitchen

Chef Tyler Hefford-Anderson of Gourmondo shares a delcious recipe for winter potatoes.

The Negroni

Owner/Winemaker of Time & Direction Steve Wells shares his interest in the Negroni cocktail.

    In the Seattle DINING! Test Kitchen

Herbed Cheese Omelet

Each time we make this, we're amazed at how great the flavors are.

Connie's Steak Salad

So good, I'm taking complete credit and putting my name on it.



Tom's No Tella Fella

Tom's taking credit for his Nutella-like (home made) dessert that can also be breakfast. Yay!

Meat and Bean Chili (Revisited)

Bethany Jean Clement revisited a chili from back in the day. Naturally, without even tasting it, we changed it. It's what we do. It's good-we'll both take credit!

    Monthly Features

The Seattle DINING! Show

Get in on informative food & beverage discussions--listen to our monthly netcast!

Event Calendar

Find out what's happening when and where. Whether it's wine dinners, cooking classes, food shows or special tastings, we've got it covered.

Seattle Restaurant Directory

Where to go, where to go? Use our directory to search by neighborhood, cuisine, and specialty.

Beyond Seattle Restaurant Guide

Explore our directory of choice restaurants in Bellevue, Tacoma, Olympia, Olympic Peninsula, the San Juans, Whidbey and more.


An inside look at what's happening now. New locations, closures, new hires, sales, chef shuffles and more.

Tips and Tricks

Learn tips and tricks you can use while cooking at home or dining out.

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