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Tips and Tricks

Our editors enjoy dining out as much as we like cooking at home. And because this is what we do for a living, we've got lots of experience at both. In this column we're sharing the ins and outs of dining in and out. Bon Appetit!

Dining Out

Try something different

Pork Neck, parsnip soup, stinging nettles coulis etc… Next time something pops up on the menu you've never tried, give it a go. Or make it at home 3 different ways to disciover a new treasure.

Food Prep

Frozen Cubes of Goodness

When freezing stocks and broths, pour the liquid into 2 cup containers, but reserve some to pour into a silicon ice cube tray, which will provide you with smaller portions when a recipe calls for it. Most ice trays make 2 tablespoon portions, but larger ones are available in quarter-cup increments.

Healthy Eating

Real maple syrup, real savings

If the price of real maple syrup has you running for the fake stuff, you needn’t do that so fast. Instead of dumping syrup all over your pancakes or French toast, pour two tablespoons into a ramekin and dip your sliced pieces into it before each bite. Your tongue will love getting the full maple burst rather than having masked it in a soaked piece of bakery.

Outdoor Grilling

Small BBQ chip smoking

You don’t need a Bertha-sized smoker to impart smokey flavors into your food. Simply drop by the hardware store and pick up a bag of woods chips specific for smoking. Prior to firing the grill, soak a handful of chips for 30-60 minutes in a bowl of water. Then wrap the moist chips in foil, punch pencil sized holes around the foil and place it into the barbeque just prior to cooking your food. Do your homework – different chips pair better than others with your food choices.


Patio Herb Garden

Buying fresh herbs at the store can get costly, especially when all you need is a tablespoon or two, but you’re forced into the only option of a larger package. Make a list of the herbs you commonly use, then plant them on your patio. Common herbs like parsley, thyme, sage, rosemary and mint are simple to grow and taste great fresh off the branch.

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