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Our editors enjoy dining out as much as we like cooking at home. And because this is what we do for a living, we've got lots of experience at both. In this column we're sharing the ins and outs of dining in and out. Bon Appetit!


Hot Plate Happiness

If you love fondue, but don’t enjoy trying to control the temperature of the fondue pot, ditch the sterno cradle and invest in a hot plate. Better hot plates make it easy to control surface temperature and you can double check the actual heat using an infrared thermometer.


Get a… Rice Cooker

Sure, we all know how to put some rice in a pot and cook it. But nothing is better and easier to use for rice than a good rice cooker. Just add the rice, water, oil, and spices and let it take care of itself! Spend a little more than the el cheapo versions for the best results. Most double as steamers for veggies and otherwise.

Dining Out

Say hello to the new owners – 3 months later

Give them time to work out their changes and see which way they go.

Dining Out

Split entrees, in succession

Create your own multi-course meal this way.

Outdoor Grilling

When to add the sauce

If you’re cooking a protein that calls for a sauce, consider cooking the food halfway through, especially if you’re cooking process is low and slow, before adding the sauces. Take ribs for example. Place your rub on them and begin cooking low and slow on the grill. Wait until an hour or so into it, then baste them with your barbeque sauce of choice. When the ribs are done, apply another coating right after you pull them.

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