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Each year, 22 chefs from the Pacific Northwest convene to teach special dishes to guests who come to get to know the chefs, learn cooking tips, and pair food and wine. This fundraising event, called Cooking with Class, has been an annual event held each September at Salty's on Alki since 2002.

15 years and 360 recipes later, we decided it was time to compile a collection of some of the favorites. Perhaps, this will be the first in a series of cookbooks culled from this vast archive of good food.

Besides just the dishes presented here, you'll learn a little something about what makes each chef unique.

So dig in and treat yourself to the artistry of what these celebrated Pacific Northwest chefs have to offer.

There's 50 recipes in all. Including those from:

  • Wayne Johnson, Lamb Dolmas, served at Andaluca
  • Jeremy McLaughlin, Thee Oyster Toppings, served at Saltys on Alki
  • Nick Musser, Crab-Stuffed Potato Crisps served at the icon Grill
  • Alvin Binuya, Albacore Tartare w/Papadums served at Ponti Seafood Grill
  • Roy Breiman, Dungenss Crab Citronee served at Salish Lodge
  • John Howie, Chilled Thai Seafood Salad served at Seastar
  • Ethan Stowell, Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho served at Union
  • John Newmark, Cozzee con Pomadori Affumicato served at Serafina
  • Kaspar Donier, Chicken Scallopina served at Kaspers

...and so much more!

Each book is spiral bound to make it easier to work with in the kitchen. Book stores hate this, but we know you'll appreciate it.

Enjoy special pricing when you purchase 2 or more books.

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