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Right at Home: Remlinger, Nancy's, Umpqua Valley Lamb

Right at Home is a column that spotlights local food makers in the Pacific Northwest. These companies are welcome alternatives to corporate products that often must be trucked from faraway places, putting a burden on the environment. And often they are better tasting products with a flair for freshness and flavor, using higher grade ingredients. We hope you enjoy this column and seek out these products to enjoy with your next meal. The brands featured here are commonly found at better grocers throughout the Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest. Use the store locators on each site to help you find your way.

Remlinger Farms

As spring comes on, a nice field trip in the Puget Sound is out to Remlinger Farms in Carnation, Washington. In 1965, Gary Remlinger had the idea of opening a roadside produce stand. Instead he was handed a wholesale corn business by his father. That grew into obtaining property for a farm which created a U-pick and things just rolled on from there. Today the actual retail location, on one of the farms, is open spring to fall, but frozen berries from Remlinger are available at better grocers year around.

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Nancy's Organic Yogurt

Originally opened as Springfield Cremery in 1960 by Chuck and Sue Kesey, it would be almost 10 years before yogurt production began. When Nancy Van Brasch Hamren arrived in 1969 to handle the books, she brought her grandmother's recipe for making yogurt with her from San Francisco. Chuck altered that recipe adding acidophilus and the first yogurt with probiotics hit the market in 1970. In 2008 the current location was adorned with solar panels and gets much of its power from them. Nancy retired in 2014 but the business keeps rolling along with the Keseys and their offspring still cranking out the good stuff. Nancy's lineup not only includes yogurt, but also kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream and cream cheese.

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Umpqua Valley Lamb

You probably know that 100% grass-fed beef is far better for your system, then corn fed cattle loaded with GMO's. If you're a lover of clean lamb the news is good. Several ranches in Western Oregon make up the collective of Umpqua Valley Lamb, and every one of those lambs is 100% pasture raised and never steps hoof in a feedlot. We get ours at PCC and find it to be delicious and superior to corn fed or non-domestic lamb brought in from elsewhere. Grab a rack and give it a try.

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