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Thompson Seattle has made some changes

There's no such thing as standing still when you're in the hospitality industry, and the Thompson Seattle is living proof. Opened in 2016, named as one of the 75 most exciting hotels in the world in 2017 by Condé Nast, and partnering with Huxley-Wallace Collective restaurant group on their restaurant, Scout PNW, you'd think they'd rest a bit. Uh uh.

They’ve been acquired by Hyatt, but remain in the Thompson collection, so you won’t notice much difference there. The key for customers is that if you like building up points/perks, you’ll be able to use them at a lot more places. Hyatt has many locations where you can redeem and many fun partner packages as well. A new restaurant, Como, opened in Kirkland this month. Based on food from the region in Italy that includes Lake Como, they also have a wooden boat to ferry guests about. By the end of June, Thompson Seattle will have a special in place that includes an overnight, cocktails at the hotel, and a wooden boat ride to and from Kirkland. They’ll pick up at South Lake Union, less than a mile from the hotel. It’s a very fun way to be downtown near the Pike Place Market and everything else, plus get some time in Kirkland.

But the biggest change is that Scout PNW is gone and Conversation has taken its place. Cleaner lines, more restful colors (we know, the plaid was kind of cool), greenery. Executive Chef Derek Simcik and staff are still in place, creating new dishes and keeping some popular tastes around. Executive Pastry Chef Kate Sigel has created some very fun, delicious, and balanced desserts. Both Derek and Kate are known to push boundaries; be prepared to marvel.

One of the fun pieces in Conversation is a custom-built wine rack at the end of the kitchen counter that staff walk under. Wine is a big piece of Conversation and they feel having this near the entrance where guests pass will bring some focus to the change. They've hired a beverage manager/sommelier who has found some interesting Washington wines to pump up the list.

Porchetta, salsa verde, baby squash, green strawberries

Conversation, the name, is meant to convey the idea of getting back to sharing a meal around a table, talking with others (not on the phone), and learning about and enjoying each other. In the back of the menu, there's a card with a topic to discuss. Just in case you're so out of practice, you cannot start a conversation with your dinner companions. You might just learn a few things. You'll also find out what food likes/dislikes you have as most plates are shareable. Learn the art of negotiation to ensure you experience flavors you all enjoy.

Interacting with others and sharing ideas over food is really not a new thing or rocket science. But our world has taken a turn toward connecting through devices. Any time someone reminds us to engage on a more human basis, we're all for it.

Connie Adams/June 2019



Thompson Seattle
110 Stewart Street
Seattle WA 98101

Ice cream sandwich (macaron, corn ice cream, salted caramel over a base of caramel popcorn, yes!); Treasure Box in back (selection of chef's sweet bites)


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