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Food Prep Party: Part 2

In the first installment of the Food Prep Party we looked at breakfast goodies you can make ahead and enjoy all week long. Now we’ll explore some make-ahead items you can enjoy at lunch or dinner and have at the ready when future recipes call for them as ingredients

  • Pesto – Well, there are sure a lot of pestos you can create. And with a 2 TBS or ¼ cup per portion ice tray you can prep a lot of pesto and freeze it. Then simply place what you need in the fridge to thaw down the day beforehand. A few pieces of bread, or a sandwich later you’re in heaven.

    We have a recipe right here!

  • Hummus – Want to lose weight without crashing after your meal? You do that by eating food made with protein rich seeds and beans such as hummus or falafel, both of which use the protein-rich chickpea seed. Together with a high-quality olive oil and a few other ingredients, you’ve got a dense dip for lunch or hors d’oevres.

    Yes - We have an easy to make recipe without the evil of canola oil!

  • Chicken, Turkey, or Vegetable Stock – When the fall arrives, you’ve reached the perfect time to stock your freezer with your own homemade stocks. If you’re never made stock before, it’s really easy using your cutting board and a slow cooker. And – I challenge you to go buy a box of the stock you do use, then taste test it against what you make at home. The difference is stunning!

    And… (imagine this), we have a recipe!

  • Soups – Personally, unless it’s gazpacho, I’m not really a big soup eater. But I’ll admit, I like the times someone drops down a really great bowl of homemade soup before the main course. And then there are those times my sinuses go wonkey for a few days or I get the flu. Then I seriously want Thai chicken soup and I don’t want to drive out and get it. The solution is to crank out service for 6-8 which will have me well stocked the next time my temperature heads north.

    ...of course...we’ve got a Spicy Chicken Thai Soup recipe!

  • Sauces – Marinara, mushroom, tahini, teriyaki, mustard – the list is endless. Got a favorite you want to try making on your own? Do it clean, freeze it into 2 TBS portions in a silicon ice tray, pop them out and keep them frozen until the day before you want to use them.

Stay tuned for Part 3 in the next issue as we explore more mains and sides.

Sussie Hammacher/December 2020

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