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Old Stove Brewing Co-founders

Brian Stan, Co-Founder

A San Francisco native, Brian Stan spent most of his childhood years in Northern California's Bay Area before moving to Seattle with his family in 1992. Brian developed a passion for home brewing and craft beer in his early 20s, investing much of his free time and picking up any jobs he could in the beer industry. His hunger for knowledge (and constant nagging of every brewery in the Seattle area) finally paid off when he eventually landed a commercial brewing position in 2003 as a brewer at Pacific Rim Brewing Company in White Center.


After a few years of learning hands-on at the brewery, Brian decided to take some time off and return to school at Seattle University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Accounting. This helped secure a job with Deloitte and Touche in their audit division, followed by a 9-year stint as the Controller at Concord Technologies in downtown Seattle, then headed by Old Stove's other co-founder and good friend, Chris Moore. During this time, he was also able to obtain his Washington State CPA license, which is still in good standing.

Brian and Chris developed a strong friendship during his time at Concord Technologies-founded on their shared loved of beer and craft brewing. They first began home brewing together in 2013, which would soon become Old Stove Brewing, LLC-formed in 2013.


After years of working to build up Old Stove Brewing, Brian and Chris moved the brewery from its original space, their brewery and taproom at Pike Place Market finally opened its doors to the public in April 2016. They started on a little 7BBL system in Post Alley (which is still in active use) and moved to a 15 BBL system at the new MarketFront location a couple of years later, still in the Pike Market. Brian currently oversees just about every aspect at both breweries and the pub, including production, financial, personnel, planning, and reporting.

Chris Moore, Co-Founder

Chris Moore is a creative entrepreneur, a catalytic collaborator, and promoter of sustainable philanthropy. Chris grew up within and was heavily influenced by the small village of Vicksburg, Michigan, twenty minutes south of Kalamazoo. His roots there are deep, with his family being one of the most prevalent in town since the 1840s. With parents and grandparents who were community leaders, he grew up learning how to serve and contribute to a community. Vicksburg's small-town values are deeply ingrained in Chris' imagination and work ethic.


Even as a young student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Chris has always been entrepreneurial minded-starting his first business in college, Moore Audio, manufacturing speakers, and eventually leaving Ann Arbor for the Pacific Northwest in the late 80s, where he started his first technology company, Concord Technologies. He even had a stint working at a microbrewery in Portland, Oregon in 1989-was cemented with a love for the craft beer industry.


A major part of Chris' career has been about creating spaces for people to come together around craft beer and entertainment. Since working at his first microbrewery in 1989, Chris stayed active with the craft beer community, even after founding Concord Technologies-within walking distance to the world-famous Pike Place Market.

The Market has its own community within the big city of Seattle-a community that reminds Chris a lot of his hometown of Vicksburg. With his love for craft brewing, creating community and entrepreneurship, Chris co-founded Old Stove Brewery in 2014 with his business partner Brian Stan, the only craft brewery located within Seattle's famous Pike Place Market.

March 2022

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