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Executive Chef Kaelon Sparks

Water Grill Bellevue

Kaelon Sparks joined the crew at Water Grill Bellevue as Executive Chef, bringing with him over 20 years of industry experience. A transplant of over 13 years, Sparks is proud to call the Pacific Northwest home. His career started in Florida, where he worked with smaller family run establishments, starting out as a Dishwasher, and moving up from there to become a Chef for multiple locations, including taking the helm of Cutters in Pike Place Market in 2017.

Sparks takes the quality of his ingredients seriously, and seafood has always been his passion, making King's Seafood Company and Water Grill a natural fit for him. King's Seafood's commitment to quality product and cultivated relationships with fishermen means Sparks is enabled to work with not only some of the freshest fish available but provide meals that are equally as environmentally friendly, and sustainable as they are delicious. As a Chef, Sparks finds this incredibly gratifying.

In his role as Executive Chef, Sparks has trained a new crew at Water Grill Bellevue and has created a positive, uplifting work environment that empowers Water Grill staff to grow in their roles. Sparks is excited to engage with Bellevue's local community and foster amazing talents while working to grow Water Grill Bellevue into a powerhouse of the local restaurant community.

Bio provided by Union Bay Communications.

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